We have expanded our acreage and planted new Merlot Vines!

These vines are available for adoption by patrons and friends of Preston Ridge Winery. Adopting a vine in someone's name is such a wonderful way to commemorate a friend or love one who is no longer with you, or you can give the gift to someone who is special in your life, or adopt one for yourself.



Preston Ridge Winery is open for the 2018 Season. Please call ahead for open hours. We look forward to seeing you.

Winery (276) 957-3844 or Cell (276) 634-8752

Our extensive wine list:  All wines listed are avilable for viewing only through our online store at this time.

White Table Wine

Chardonnay  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Very fruity notes, aromatic and soothing. Good with grilled foods, salads, seafood and pasta.

Chardonnay with oak finish  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Very fruity notes. Seasoned with meduim toasted French oak. Mild, aromatic, buttery, earthy, nice mouth feel. Good with grilled foods, salads, seafood and pasta and bold seasoning.

Riesling, semi-sweet  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Very smooth, fruity, citrus character, aromatic. Great alone or with most foods. Popular with occasional wine drinkers.

Riesling, sweet  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Very smooth, fruity, aromatic, sweet and citrus character. Great alone and with most foods. Very popular among new wine drinkers.

Vidal blanc, semi-sweet  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Very smooth, bold fruity character. Good aroma and mouth feel. Great alone or with most foods. Favored all around wine.

Vidal blanc, sweet  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Very smooth, bold fruity aroma, sweet.

Red Table Wine

Cabernet franc  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Clean, light style with grape aroma and taste. Good mouth feel, great for meals and cooking.

Cabernet franc, oaked  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Light bodied, mildly oaked with meduim toasted French oak, earthy, buttery taste. Good with most meals or alone.

Chambourcin  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Full bodied, bold flavor dry wine. Very aromatic and fruity. Great with light and spicy meals. Wonderful wine for grilling and cookiing.

Blushing katie  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Blush style of the Chambourcin wine. Very light, fruity and trart. Great transitional wine. Pairs well with most foods. Good for cooking as well.

Rosie ryan, semi-sweet  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Semi-Sweet blend of the Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin grape. Fruity and bold with great mouth feel. Excellent wine for pleasure drinking or with a meal. Good with bold foods such as grilling out, meat loaf, Mexican, etc.

Fruit Wine

Apple wine, lightly oaked  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Apple wine made from Virginia Apples. Light oaked with medium toasted French oak. Soft, dry, easy wine pears well with grilled foods, chicken, salads, and most main course dishes.

Blueberry  $16.00 View Details/Order Online
Very light sweet taste.  Great dessert wine that is great and refreshing.  Good with sweet dishes, after meals or alone as the temptation overtakes you.

Apple (sweet)  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
Approaching a desert wine, this drink is smooth, sweet and fruity.  Favored among new to occasional wine interests.  Good with light to sweeter dishes.

Apple (semi-sweet)  $14.00 View Details/Order Online
A fruity and mildly sweet apple wine with a bold apple taste. A wonderful compliment to a light style of eating.  Salads, chicken, lightly seasoned pasta and pizza.

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Items based on availability. Menu subject to change without notice.


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